Obsessive artist. 2.1 Ba Hons Graphic Design graduate; previously agency based, Uk Graphic Designer of 3 years and Ex-Packaging Designer in Spain of 1 year. Now still obsessive artist, secondary Art and Design PGCE graduate; Art and Photography Teacher. Owner, Designer and Creative director for 'Ether' www.wearetheorigin.co.uk

Im mr sandshrew (Simon Andrews) and im compulsivly creative.

Thank you for taking the time to view just the beginning of the documentation of my existing and continuing work.

I work compulsively by any and every means; my work is a documentation into my fascination with popular culture and our relationship with it. Portraiture sits alongside an almost OCD style of Pen illustration and outlined Collage. Importantly or obsessively, the work is always layered and created on recycled materials, using mixed media.

Vividly coloured or black and white, severely contorted or realistic, the images that I create span the depth and breadth; whether
walking the line of beautiful brightly hued softness or the narrow pathway of the dark and raw surrealism they all retain an immense compulsion for exploration and expression.?

To arrange a meeting to discuss my existing or future work please contact me on the below.

Big Love

Mr Sandshrew




April 5th 2014 - "6x6", Phone Booth Gallery, Long Beach CA (group)

May 9th 2014 - "Charity Splash Art Wall", dropr.com/auction, The Proud Archivist Gallery, London (group

2015 - "Seven", Phone Booth Gallery, Long Beach CA (group)

November 2016 - Seven Deadly Seas, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham UK, (Solo)